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As an accredited appraiser and estate sale professional I often get asked to help people determine what they should do with personal property assets.  In some instances, people may be planning for retirement or future downsizing.  Some are planning to make a move, others may be settling an estate and don’t know where to begin with the contents of the home.  Many call me because they want to know what makes the most sense and how to proceed.

Estate Consulting Questions I often hear include:

  • What should I do with this house full of items?
  • Does any of this have any significant value?
  • Is it worthwhile to hold on to collections or family heirlooms and if so what are they worth?
  • What is the value of personal property items so we can divide the estate?
  • Should we insure personal property items prior to making a move?

AZ Family Estate Sales & Appraisals can guide people through the difficult process of deciding what to do with personal property by providing both valuation services and options for liquidation.  We offer estate consulting visits to the home to review personal property and client needs, valuation for resale, appraisal services for estate settlement, division, insurance claims and coverage and professional estate sale management and consignment services as needed.

Many people choose to sell their estates or are forced to do so without knowing the value of belongings, how to get the best prices, or even where to begin. Quite often, the need for liquidating an estate occurs suddenly, producing a number of problems that only serve to compound the severity of the situation. AZ Family Estate Sales and Appraisals is the solution to problems dealing with estate planning, appraisals, sales and more via our professional estate consulting services in Tucson.

Benefits Abound

When considering the sale, transfer or donation of personal property, or planning for the future of your estate or protecting it’s value with insurance, there are tremendous benefits to utilizing a professional estate consultant.

Correct Value

One of the main benefits lies in savings. Great amounts of money have been lost because items were sold, given away or donated without knowing their appraised fair market value.

By having your property, valuables and collections professionally appraised by our expert estate consultant, you know exactly what your item is worth so you can insure, sell, or donate it appropriately. We also broker the selling of collections, valuables and other items or work on a consignment basis so you are ensured of reaching the best markets and receiving the best prices.


There is also the benefit of convenience. When a family is in transition because a loved one has died, a divorce has occurred, or retirement or foreclosure has forced relocation to a smaller dwelling, you don’t want to deal with the hassle of selling property on top of the present stress of the situation.

Insurance, Taxes and Donations

Furthermore, our professional appraisal reports are appropriate for filling several important needs. They allow you to obtain the proper amount of insurance coverage on your valuables so that you can receive replacement cost in the event of loss due to disaster or theft.

Many federal and state tax documents also require information from official appraisal reports. By obtaining such reports from AZ Family Estate Sales and Appraisals, you eliminate a great deal of unnecessary stress. There is also the consideration of donating estate property to charities. Having current appraisal reports on the items donated allow you to both prove the worth of such valuables and deduct their fair market value amounts from your taxes.

Old and New

As you can see, the benefits of hiring a professional Tucson estate consultant are numerous and it isn’t only fine art and expensive jewelry that we appraise. We also provide appraisals and liquidation of antique furniture, automobiles, fine porcelain and sterling silver as well as more common goods like ceramics and tools, household furnishings, costume jewelry, musical instruments, stereo equipment and all types of clothing, furniture and vehicles.

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